Computer Centre

Computers have brought up a revolutionary change in the part couple of decades. Since the advent of computer.It has become an integral part of the education system.To keep up the pace in this expeditious World of today, computer education is extremely important.

With the new advancement in the field of computer and in time when there is a beam in the IT industry.

The college is contributing in its own inimitable way to the development information technology by offering course with the efficient and highly qualified teachers and through a well equipped lab.

The computer lab well equipped with the latest hardware and software facilities.The computing infrastructure was further strengthened with system upgrades as well as same new hardware and software acquisition with these acquisition college has fully air conditioned lab having around 50 pcs and printers, scanner, LCD projector etc.

All the systems in the lab are LAN connected.The campus is Wi-Fi enable and provides high speed internet access 24 X 7 and multimedia facilities so that students can develop and sharpen their technical skills.